. Management Course Executive MBA; Industrial Management
. MSc, Engineering, Information Technology, (Stage thesis defense) Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic)
. BS, Computer Engineering (Software) Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic)
. Diploma, Mathematics - Physics

- Finance Marketing; Milan Polytechnic University; 2011
- Brian Tracy, 1391
- Third World Forum of Management, 1389
- financial management for non-financial managers, Industrial Management, 1387
- Customer Relationship Management, Dr. MJ date, Nasir al-Din Toosi University of Technology, 1384
- Strategic Planning, Dr. Mahmoud Hosseini, Amir Kabir University of Technology, 1383
- management principles, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadpoor Dariani, Amirkabir University of Technology, 1381
- The role of capital market financing; 1389
- E networks in the next generation; 1388
- pricing in marketing in 2010
- and participation in conferences, congresses and seminars fields of management, information technology, marketing and banking

- Fourth International Conference on Marketing of Banking Services, 1391
- First International Conference on Marketing of Banking Services, 1388
- International Marketing Management Conference, 2009
- International Brand Conference, 2012
- International Brand Conference, 2010

Tat Bank (May 91 so far)
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- Design and Development Manager

Negin Software Development System (Bronco - former cult Weir): (May 89 to May 91)
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- Marketing Manager

Arian Prdakhtnvyn Company (a subsidiary of Bank Eghtesad): (Oct 87 to May 89)
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- Vice President / Managing Consultant

Business Machines Khowarizmi:
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- Deputy CEO and vice president of Research & Development (Persian date Bahman 84 to October 87)

Iranians Management Company:
- Project Manager: Software Design and Production Support Services State, the largest software project plan Takfa (Nymhvqt, May 83 to October 84)

Ministry of Industries and Mines:
- Expert and Project Manager Electronic Industries Research and Development Fund (part-time; Persian date Mehr 84 to March 86)
- ICT Policy Advisor to the Secretariat of the Council of the Ministry of Industries and Mines (part-time; March 82 to March 83)

Our company pooch:
- Member of the Board of Directors (Ghyrmvzf, September 87 to March 90)
- Management Board member responsible for information technology (September 83 to October 84)

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology:
- office productivity and administrative reform (part-time; Persian date Mehr 82 to March 83)
- Overseeing 29 projects at universities
- Process Reengineering Project Manager Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Iran Telecommunication Research Center:
- advisors (March 80 Persian date Mordad 81 - November 81 to December 82)

Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic):
- The development and establishment of courses of bachelor and master degree in Information Technology Engineering (3 fields)
- Executive Secretary of the First International Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology (held in Jan 82)
- Deputy Director, Office of Research, Information and Communication Technology (August 81 Persian date Bahman 83)
- Responsible Technology Training Center (September 81 Persian date Bahman 81)

- Deputy Chairman of the Management Group to develop trade and investment pooch
- Solve challenging food with the help of information technology consulting professional seminar (held on May 87)
- Monitor network modernization project, a comprehensive intranet presidential Information Technology Center (December 82 to January 83)
- Senior advisor over the affairs of Information Technology Education (Persian date Khordad 81 June 83)
- Director of Software NGNTech (Persian date Bahman 81 to September 83)
- Database design, harness engineering company (Persian date Khordad 80 to October 80)
- Responsible for technical support; Mining Company (Persian date Bahman 79 to March 80)
- Responsible for the system, communicated Petrochemical Company (March 78 to March 79)
- Responsible for accounting, company of White (July 77 to March 77)

- online teaching, University of Science - Applied, Kabir Institute of Technology and Management in Higher Education, first semester 1382
- Working head teacher workshops and e-learning, IT managers now sit sixth province in June 1384
- Tutor Training Workshop Introduction and applications of e-Government Leaders, Education and Communication Kermanshah Province, August 1382
- Teacher Seminar electronic commerce manager of foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce; Persian date Bahman 1381
- Internet Basics workshop instructor, director of the Department of Physical Education and Ministry of Higher Education; Persian date Bahman 1381
- Tutor training workshop on "Introduction to artificial life" Najaf Abad Azad University, September 1381
- Director of Education meeting, "RoboCup, branch Simulation", Amirkabir University of Technology, May 1379
- The sample of students at Amirkabir University graduate class of 1380
- gain rank in the entrance exam 10 ms, field of Information Technology Engineering
- Chapter college teaching, undergraduate students, teaching the basics of computer and information technology, the first and second semesters of the first and second semesters, 89-1388 and 90-1389
- Teaching in the School of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Amirkabir University, undergraduate students, workshops, computer courses, first semester freshmen 83-1382 and 82-1381 and 85-1384 freshmen
- Marketing and branding workshop techniques and also head of electronic banking products and services in development conference, the second conference on electronic banking and payment systems; Institute for Monetary and Banking Central Bank, January 1391
- Lecture on "operational concepts and applications of virtual reality" in the second and fourth international festival of digital media, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Dec. 87 and 89

. Organization of corporate computer systems, consulting, and management consulting groups of rank 3, verification of software
. Home Managers of Industrial Management
. Informatics Society of Iran
. computer Alumni Association

Important social activities:
. Study Committee Chairman of the Global Technology National Takfa 2
. Member of the Working Group on Digital Economy, Iranian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce
. Member of the Committee on Education and Research Council corporate computer
. Managing Director and Chairman of the Policy Council Journal Bazynma Mahnamhhay world of software and Rayanhnma
. Conference referee . electronic banking and payment systems and credit card Dbyrlmy Special Issue Conference on field
. First Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems
. Member of Executive Committee, Institute for Monetary and Banking
. Executive Secretary of the First International Conference on Information Technology and Knowledge IKT2003
. Responsible for holding the tournament robot (simulation league).
. responsible for organizing the Third International Conference of Computer Society of Iran Computer Science and Engineering
. Vice President and Secretary Union Council Union Council Amirkabir University of Technology Department of Computer Engineering
. After the third festival of student publications across the country
. institution established norms

• Rozhin Rouzbahani (Royal Holloway University of London ) S. Hamed Ghanadpour (Tehran Polytechnic); "Knowledge Management in Computer-aided Process Planning: The Role of Hybrid Manager"; IRIMC 2012
• S. Hamed Ghanadpour; Mobilizing Intelligent CRM: A new Approach to Customer Relationship Management; ECDC 2012; IEEE Approved
• M. M. Homayoonpour, S. Hamed Ghanadpour; CRM Application in Text To Speech Systems;2005
• M. J. Tarokh, S. Hamed Ghanadpour; Mobile Customer Knowledge Management: Ultimate CRM; 2005
• The content of electronic banking brand in the institutionalization ¬; Hamed Qnadpvr, M. Shadayy; Fourth International Conference on Marketing of Banking Services, Tehran - September 1391
• The book "49 examples of successful e-commerce" (the stage of final version)
• Virtual reality applications in industry, 1383
• Use a content management system in the field of communication and information organization, Fall 1382
• Management and Information Technology, "accepted for publication in a special issue of Computer Society of Iran."
• investigate and provide solutions for software process assessment approach for evaluating, Summer 80 "Selected conference papers FSCCSI 2002»
• Applications of a Web query language: WebSQL; summer 80
• Introduction to Planning in Artificial Intelligence, Spring 80
• Optimization of performance parameters on I / O in parallel processors; Fall 79
More than a dozen interviews, notes and articles in newspapers and magazines nationally in the areas of information technology and economics forms