91 years:
Memorandum and Articles
• credit card instead of Czech, Daily World Economy 91/05/19
- Baznshr in Akhbarbank, Aftana, the site of some banks and payment ...
• 48 Hour Window of Economics, Center for Banking and Insurance News, 91/05/07
- Baznshr Aftana sites, the pay ...
• inaction panacea of banking, electronic banking news, 91/05/07
• Electronic restoration Fund, undeniable desire; newspaper world economy; 91/06/01
- Baznshr the official site of the Association of Computer
- Baznshr in Aftana sites, Rahprdakht and ...

Interviews and discussions.
• Panel discussion on approaches to the development of a credit card; January 1391
- Special Issue: The Second International Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems, Institute for Monetary and Banking Bank
• Expert panel evaluation of e-banking security; 91/05/14
- Technology Newspaper Baznshr 91/05/21
- Baznshr the sites ITMen, Aftana, to pay ...
• Re-establishment of the Steering Committee of e-Banking, we will be the good news, the payment 91/05/11
- Steering Committee of electronic banking and the way ahead, the payment 13/05/91
- Technology Newspaper Baznshr 91/05/14
- Baznshr ITMen site and Aftana, Rahprdakht and ...
• Cultural Function Credit Card, credit, customer confidence, Journal of Electronic Banking, Persian date Mehr 91
- Baznshr Faba Center site, Persian date Mehr 91
• What targets should be virtual banking, virtual banking magazine, August 91

Before the year 1391:
• interviews with ISNA in areas related to information technology Baznshr in newspapers and other publications, including:
• Interviews with the media in the field of electronic banking and information technology-related jobs, including:
• notes and journals in the field of Information Technology National Informatics including:
- Think Big, Special Issue, a weekly pay period between
• 2 live television appearances and three radio program related to the field of Information Technology Management
- Zero and an expert on live television, virtual issues of the information society and citizens
- Expert learning management radio announcer, radio Commerce
- Interview with the Central News first international conference on Information and knowledge
- Interview with news about computer games
- Interview with the Central News about the Third Conference of Computer Society Student